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Apple TV VPN Apps with tvOS 17: All You Need to Know

This year’s World Wide Developer Conference, Apple’s largest annual event, was exciting. We saw some new products and iterations of Apple’s operating systems for different platforms. One such operating system is tvOS 17, which is meant for TVs. Apple unveiled tvOS 17 this week at the WWDC, but it is not out for use yet. The release is still a few weeks away.

Apple adds VPN support to Apple TV with tvOS 17

Previously, Apple TV did not support third-party virtual private networks. But with tvOS 17, users can finally download and use third-party VPN apps on their Apple TV. Before this, third-party VPN apps were only available on other streaming devices, such as Android TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick. The only ways to use a VPN on Apple TV were to share a VPN connection from your computer or to access the VPN via a router.

Many people will appreciate this change, especially those who live in regions with a lot of regionally locked content.

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What are the advantages of VPN apps on Apple TV?

You must be aware that certain content is often restricted to specific regions. This leaves no way for users in that region to watch that content without using some workarounds.

A virtual private network combats this limitation by spoofing your IP address to your selected VPN server. This new (and fake) IP address will be visible to the sites you visit and your internet service provider.

Since neither of these parties can see your actual location and the content you are watching, you can unlock and watch the regionally restricted content without any problems.

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