Apple CarPlay Users Getting “Spotify is Offline” Error

The CarPlay on Apple is an innovative, safe, and effective way to use your iPhone while on the go; you can focus on safe driving while using CarPlay with driving.

When your iPhone is connected to Apple’s CarPlay, you can navigate your directions, send or receive messages, make calls, listen to your favorite music, etc. With the upgraded dashboard, the CarPlay allows you to track Maps, audio controls, and Siri Suggestions on a single plane.

One of the most valuable features of CarPlay is music playback, which is very helpful for a driver driving a car who wants to listen to their favorite music via Spotify. Unfortunately, the same application faces some errors, as reported by some iOS users.

Spotify is offline error is showing for the CarPlay users

The issue with the Spotify application has taken place with many of the CarPlay users in which they are getting notifications like ‘Spotify is offline’ whenever they are trying to listen to music or songs via the Spotify application. The affected users vent their anger on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

Spotify is offline
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A user from Twitter facing the same issue said, “Anyone knows why Spotify is suddenly saying I’m in offline mode (been this way for a few days now) when I’m using Apple CarPlay? I’ve got unlimited data and Spotify premium, so offline mode shouldn’t be a thing, and it still plays non-downloaded tracks with no problem.” The issue is consistent, as reported by her.

A Redditor facing the persistent issue claims, “Yep, I suspect this as well after the recent Spotify update. In my case, running iOS 16.2 will disconnect CarPlay midway while playing a song.”

Not only this, as per the reports, the users on the latest iOS 16.2 version are also facing the error. After analysis, it has been found that the other functionalities of Spotify work well like before on CarPlay. Still, the issue is with online streaming of the application, which shows notifications like “Spotify is offline” and “You can play downloads from Your Library.”

The affected users have tried general troubleshooting methods like reinstalling the application, clearing its cache, resetting their iPhones, etc. Still, nothing seems to be a helping hand for the irritating problem.

Fortunately, the music streaming company has claimed officially and acknowledged that they are aware of the issue about the Home tab on the Apple CarPlay showing no content and those alerting messages, and they are investigating the same. Soon, we will be getting a working solution to the issue.

Temporary Solutions:

Since Spotify is investigating the problem, they will soon be there with the solution, but till then, you can try the basic below-listed workarounds that might help you without interrupting your routine work while on the go. So, if you are too severe about Spotify, make sure to try the below solutions:

  • Reinstall the Spotify application on your Apple CarPlay.
  • Upgrade to the latest iOS 16.2 version.
  • Restart your device.

When the official fix comes, you can try any of the above solutions and see if that helps. Otherwise, there are no other workarounds.

We will update the article when something relevant to the report arrives. Make sure to be connected with us.

Are you an Apple CarPlay user facing an issue with your Spotify application? Did you try any of the workarounds? Do tell us in the comments section below. Thank you for reading.

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