Android P Feature Allows Bluetooth Connection Upto 5 Devices

Android P Developer’s Preview was announced for the Pixel devices yesterday, and it brings an array of new features and tricks. The package is still buggy but includes the basic features that would be available with the Android P. Also, we are still yet to get an official name for the Android P.

Now, the careful investigation of the Developer’s preview has revealed some of the hidden features of this Android version. Heading down to the Developer’s options menu, we can find an option that allows increasing the number of connected Bluetooth audio devices. Damn, Android is growing.

Android P Lets You Connect 5 Bluetooth Devices at Once
Android P Lets You Connect 5 Bluetooth Devices at Once

The latest version of the Android only allows us to connect up to two Bluetooth audio devices, but with this new Android P feature, we will be able to change to three, four, or even five. However, before you start your search for your old speakers, it’s worth noting that this feature doesn’t mean you can stream music into five speakers simultaneously; the change only extends the number of paired devices that can be connected at any time.

Honestly, the real-world application of this feature is very few, and it will hardly go beyond three. But if you own more than two Bluetooth devices or you have separate devices for home and office use, you will be able to switch between them with just a single tap, excluding all the hassles of connecting again.

As previously mentioned, you can now test this feature only on a Pixel device, which leaves you with four options- Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 Xl. We will be covering more hidden features of the unnamed Android P. Stay tuned.

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