Android Auto 12.3 Update is Out for Everyone

The speed of the delivery of Android Auto updates is now exponentially faster than before. Earlier, it was a beta every week or every 10 days and new versions every fortnight.

However, Google has changed this system since there were many bugs that weren’t fixed, even after several years of following the earlier schedule. There are new updates every few days now, and while that does make it slightly difficult to keep track of the changes, it might help alleviate the bugs.

The latest Android Auto Version 12.3 is out now. The beta build for this went live early this week, and stable is already live in some regions. Note that Android Auto updates are also heavily dependent on region.

The rollout isn’t at once. Phased rollout avoids a large rollout of bugs. In case there are issues with the version, they can avoid launching it worldwide. You can download it right now from the Google Play Store.

Since it’s a public build, anyone can download it, even those outside of the Beta program. If you have automatic updates, you’ll get the update either right now or it might take till the end of this week. In rare cases, you’ll get the update later next week.

If you want to download the update directly and don’t want to wait for the official release in your region, you can grab the APK file from a reliable website like ApkMirror and just sideload it.

You’ll have to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources on your phone if you want this to work. If that’s done, just download the app and install it on your device, and It’ll work normally.

Once you’ve installed it, you can follow the guide on the screen to complete the update. In typical Google fashion, there’s no official change log for the update. They’ve made them faster, which is a welcome move, but we hope they start including a short change log, which goes beyond the typical bug fixes and stability improvements.

As per the initial testers, there aren’t any new major features with this build, and they didn’t take feedback from the users that seriously when it comes to feature drops. Unless there’s a new notable feature, Google doesn’t mention anything in the change log.

If you find any bugs while using Android Auto, you may report them to Google as feedback. They’ll consider fixing it in the next version, and that makes the experience better for everyone. We urge you to send them direct, detailed feedback in case it’s a bug that needs urgent attention.

As far as we know, there hasn’t been any experience breaking bugs on this new version. However, you can report it to us if you find anything, and we’ll update the article accordingly.

There’s a major bug on Android Auto at the moment: broken message notifications. When the phone is connected to the car, there’s a glitch with broken notifications. There are no mentions of this getting fixed in the latest update, and it’s unfortunate.

This bug was reported as far back as Android Auto 11.8. Resetting permissions for all apps helps fix it, but it’s not ideal. We still expect Google to fix it since the rollout speed of updates is now faster.

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