AMD’s Zen 5 Based Ryzen CPUs Could Launch in August

The much-awaited Zen 5-based AMD CPUs are apparently going to be here very soon. Back in February, we saw some news outlets claiming that these CPUs would enter the mass production stage in the third quarter of this year.

Now, a recent leak suggests that those reports were very likely true. We expect to see these CPUs on the market as soon as August of this year.

Mini PC Manufacturer Reveals Expected Launch Time of Zen 5 CPUs

AOOSTAR, a brand known for its mini PCs, has recently revealed in a Discord chat that AMD is going to launch its Zen 5-based CPUs in August. They also stated that their PCs featuring these CPUs will be out by October.

Launch Time of Zen 5

While it is possible that they are talking about mobile chips meant for mini PCs, AMD may launch the desktop version of these CPUs at the same time too. To give you some clarification, below are the new CPU lineups AMD will introduce and maintain moving forward, as per what we know thus far.

  • Turin lineup (EPYC servers)
  • Strix Point lineup (mobile chips)
  • Granite Ridge lineup (desktop SKUs)

What is Zen 5?

Zen 5 is the new core architecture AMD is going to announce in a few weeks. This new architecture is supposed to bring considerable improvements in the overall performance of AMD processors.

Efficiency has also been a key aspect that the company has apparently worked on. And then, of course, there will be hardware-based solutions for handling machine learning and artificial intelligence-related tasks.

Regarding the specifics, the Strix Point mobile chips are going to feature the new Zen 5 cores and XDNA 2 AI neural processing unit that will handle AI-related load. This is in addition to the integrated GPU, which will be based on RDNA 3+ graphics architecture.

The basic version of these chips (monolithic) will come with 12 CPU cores and 16 GPU cores. The higher-end (Halo) chips, on the other hand, will feature up to 16 CPU cores and a grand total of 40 GPU cores. AMD will likely launch only the monolithic SKUs at first, which will be used by mini PC manufacturers. The Halo chips will not be used before late 2024 or early 2025.

AMD’s Computex 2024 Event

AMD has an upcoming event called Computex 2024, starting June 3rd. This event will last till June 7th, and we will hopefully see some announcements regarding their Zen 5 architecture and products there.

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