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Amazon Black Friday Deals 2022 in the US: Our Top Picks (Coming Soon)

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While it feels like the Amazon Prime Day sale was just yesterday, this year’s Amazon Black Friday sale is not very far in the United States. Amazon has officially announced the sale date for the 2022 Amazon Black Friday sale. The sale will offer some of the best deals of all year. If you missed the deals during the Amazon Prime Day sale, don’t be disheartened, as another big sale is waiting for you.

The Black Friday sale in the United States will bring exciting offers and discounts on your favourite products. This sale is followed by another big sale next Monday, called Cyber Monday. Whether a small product or a large one, you will see a discount on it. Unfortunately, the deals don’t last very long, and the price increases only after a short period. Let’s consider when and what we expect from the Amazon Black Friday sale 2022.

Amazon Black Friday 2022 Start Date

  • The Amazon Black Friday sale will start on November 25, 2022.

The Black Friday sale starts the day after Thanksgiving in the US, usually on the fourth Thursday of November every year. This year, the date falls on November 25. Amazon has further confirmed the sale date to be November 25.

While the Black Friday sale seems very far, Amazon will most likely unveil the deals as early as October under the ‘Epic Deals’ sale. The ‘Epic Deals’ sale might go live on Monday, October 24, followed by the ‘Early Black Friday Deals on Monday, November 14. However, the Black Friday sale will only go live on November 25.

Amazon Black Friday Deals

Best Amazon Black Friday Deals 2022

We may see Prime Day 2022-like deals during Amazon Black Friday 2022.

  • Phone: Great discounts on Samsung smartphones.
  • Smartwatch: Like Prime day, we may save up to $120 on Apple Watch 7 Series.
  • Laptop: We may see huge discounts on Asus, Acer, HP, and Lenovo laptops.
  • Apple: iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and AirPods will be available at a discounted price.
  • TVs: Save Big on Amazon Fire TVs.
  • Monitor: Avail discount on Samsung Monitors.

We will add all these deals with their prices once the Black Friday sale starts.

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Amazon Black Friday vs Prime Day

You might be confused between the Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday sale. You might wonder which one is better. Well, it depends on the individual products on sale and the products you want.

For some folks, the Prime Day sale might be better if it offers better deals on the products of their interest. Likewise, the Black Friday sale might be better for some folks if it provides better discounts on the products they want to buy.

For clarity, we usually see low prices or discounts on Amazon products such as Amazon Kindle and Echo products. However, during the Amazon Black Friday sale, we see low prices and discounts across products from various brands. Lastly, one huge difference is that you need a Prime membership to access the Amazon Prime Day sale, whereas anyone can access the Amazon Black Friday sale.

What to do before Amazon Black Friday?

As it is said, it is best to prepare for the future. Make sure that you are well-prepared in advance for the sale. Keep your wallet ready and purchase the product of your choice as soon as the sale goes live. Make sure you hurry up, as stocks won’t last very long. There is a certain quota for the number of deals people can access. Once the quota is filled, the deals are withdrawn, and you will be deprived of the deals.

Furthermore, if you want to access the deals earlier and enjoy extra benefits during the sale, we recommend you get the Amazon Prime membership. An Amazon Prime membership gives you early access to all the deals and additional benefits, such as free delivery. If you are hesitant, try the 30-day free trial and make sure to cancel the subscription before any fee kicks in.

How to Prepare for Amazon Black Friday to grab the Best Deals?

Black Friday is an annual event where sellers offer massive discounts on their products. It’s one of the busiest shopping days of the year, and if you’re not prepared, it can be a nightmare. To help you out, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to prepare for Amazon Black Friday so you can snag the best deals.

Prepare for Amazon Black Friday

1. Start Early: Amazon Black Friday deals start rolling out as early as November, so keep an eye out. You can also sign up for Amazon Prime to get early access to discounts.

2. Get a Prime Membership: Prime members get early access to Black Friday deals, so you’ll have a better chance of getting the items you want before they sell out. If you’re not a Prime member, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial to take advantage of the early access. Make sure that you cancel the trial before you get billed. If you want to continue with Prime, you can continue with $14.99 per month or $139 per year.

3. Make a List: Know what you want to buy before Black Friday to hit the ground running when the deals start.

4. Compare Prices: Use price tracking tools like PriceBefore to compare prices and see if the “deal” on Black Friday is good.

5. Use Amazon Wishlist: This is a great way to keep track of items you’re interested in and to get notified when they go on sale. You can easily add products to your cart when the deals go live. Remember that popular products are limited in stock, so buy them as soon as possible before they are sold out.

6. Set a Budget: Don’t overspend just because deals are available at an excellent price. Set a budget and stick to it. Only buy items that you need, don’t be excessive.

7. Lightning Deals: These are time-sensitive deals, often of excellent value. Keep an eye on lightning deals if they are available on your desired product.

8. Know the Amazon Return Policy: Amazon has a return policy. If you dislike any of the products you purchased during the Black Friday sale, you can return those products within a limited period. So make sure to check the products’ return policy once.

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