AirPods Pro and Cases Not Showing Up in Find My App: Users Report Issue

Apple’s AirPods Pro is the premium choice for consumers needing a seamless audio experience. To enhance the security of the previous purchases by the user, the company launched the “Find My” application. This helps the user to locate their premium and experience devices if they are dislocated or misplaced.

To those unaware, the “Find My” application is a secure initiative started by Apple to ensure taking care of Apple products. The “Find My” application helps users locate their Apple devices via Map. From iPhones and iPads to AirPods, the application takes care of every Apple product, provided that the product is connected to the app via the suggested method.

The app works when GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi technology are simultaneously turned ON and are connected to the product to provide approximate locations. To use the app, you have to log in with an iCloud account, after which you can locate your devices on a map and be aware of their latest location.

However, recent complaints suggest that some users are experiencing issues with the “Find My” app associated with Apple’s AirPods Pro. The AirPods Pro and their respective accompanying cases are disappearing or missing from the “Find My” app.

Several AirPods Pro users have shown interest in raising complaints that their wireless buds and accompanying cases vanish within the “Find My” application. There are growing numbers holding the issue.

The users are experiencing problems with the “Find My” app and the AirPods Pro. A Reddit user states, “My AirPods Pro in find my missing.” Elaborately read the issue here. Here is another user who cannot find his lost AirPods Pro 2nd generation, and the app cannot detect it.

AirPods Pro and Cases Not Showing Up

An annoyed user shares how the application removes its associated AirPods Pro from it and stops showing battery percentage on the widget. He added that he has to factory reset it to resemble it again in the app. Likewise, several users are undergoing the issue.

The reason behind the issue can be the connection issues where the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity between the AirPods Pro must not be solid or unstable, resulting in improper device location. Another possible reason can be the out-of-range problem, as the “Find My” app depends on Bluetooth proximity tracking. If the device goes out-of-range, the device will likely disappear from the app tracking location.

Unfortunately, the company and Apple support have not responded to the matter yet, and currently, there are no possible workarounds. We hope that the company will try to provide the solution and solve the problem as soon as possible.

Regarding the troubleshooting means from our side, we suggest you restart and reboot both devices to restore the stable connection and ensure proper locating of the device. Also, check if your software is up-to-date; if not, update it and check if the problem resolves.

We hope Apple Support will develop the solution and release an OTA update to resolve the issue soon. As a precautionary measure, for now, the users should ensure that their AirPods Pro and other whereabouts are nearby, and they should remember where they left the AirPods last time to prevent the risk of loss until the team brings up the solution.

Let us know your queries below, and we will try to address them. We will keep updating the post based on the latest developments and if any solution to the problem arrives, so make sure to keep an eye on it.

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