Can I Activate Windows 11 without a Product Key? Find Disadvantages of Unactivated Copy

You don’t need a product key to install

Windows 11 beta is now rolling out in the Dev and Beta Channels, and the final version will likely be released in October 2021. You can also download the ISO file using Media Creation Tool. With Windows 11 we see the location of the Start Menu has been changed. Now Start Menu is present in the center. Microsoft has confirmed that only those laptops or PCs which will have minimum specs such as TPM chip, 64-bit chipset, 4GB RAM, and 64GB storage can experience the latest OS. In order to use Windows 11 OS, you need to install the ISO file and activate it using a product key.

Is it Possible to Activate Windows 11 without a Product Key?

No, however, you don’t need a Product Key to install and use Windows 11. So, using the non-activated version of Windows 11 is safe or not? In the short term, it might not cause many problems. But if you are a professional worker or want to use it for a lifetime, we never suggest that. It will be better if you purchase the license key and then use the proper Windows with full-fledged functions. It won’t create any problem in long term usage.

Microsoft made some internal changes to Windows activation, customers can now use Windows 11 indefinitely without having to acquire a license key. However, there are many drawbacks and limitations in using Windows 11 without a product key compared to the Windows running on a proper license. And one should be must aware of this. So in this post, we’ll be mentioning all the disadvantages of using a Non-activated version of Windows.

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All the disadvantages of not activating Windows 11

An unactivated version of Windows 11 is nothing but a free or unlicensed version of Windows. Windows requires a proper license key and product key to work, but with the latest versions, some tweaks have been done by Microsoft and one can use it without acquiring any license. Let’s see the drawback of using Windows 11 without acquiring a proper license.

1. No-customization option

The latest versions of Windows 11 come with a dedicated section of Personalization settings. It allows users to change and redesign Windows according to their preference. And it is one of the most useful for tech enthusiasts. The Personalization option allows you to modify the accent colour, taskbar position, taskbar colour, start menu colour, and transparency. This option is not available in the non-activated version of Windows, and if you try to tweak it further using third-party programs, you may run into numerous issues. This was one of the biggest drawbacks of non-activated Windows 11.

2. Annoying notification to activate Windows 11.

If you use the non-activated version of Windows 11, the system will keep on sending annoying notifications to activate Windows frequently. The notification will come in all the situations whether you are sharing the screen, watching the content, or reading some articles. It is too annoying in some scenarios while doing work. The message will pop up on your screen and say to activate the Windows 11.

3. Active watermark

This is one of the biggest drawbacks of using an unactivated version of Windows 11. The system will always show you a pop-up text saying to activate Windows. It’s not like a notification, it will be permanently stuck on your screen. No matter which application and which services you are using, the text will be popped-up on your screen. It goes more annoying when the pop-up text comes in front when you’re presenting to someone in the meeting or while sharing the screen.

4. Activate message

If your copy of Windows 11 isn’t activated, a similar Activate Windows notification appears all the time in Windows Settings. You’ll see the same notification whether you’re using Windows 11 or an older version. You’ll be taken to the Windows activation panel in Windows Settings after tapping the appropriate link. Just like pop-up text, this will de displayed in every screen record and screenshot you capture.

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