5G Mobile Phones Under 10000

5G Phones Under 10000 in India: When will it Launch?

Is it possible for OEMs to offer low-cost 5G phones in 2022?

We are witnessing 5G phones launching here and there now. Almost all the major OEMs in India have already launched a couple of 5G phones. However, all of these phones are priced quite high. This is because the hardware required for the support of 5G is quite expensive. For 5G phones to become widespread, like 4G phones in India, OEMs will have to consider launching phones at a price tag closer to 10000 INR.

5G to low-cost Smartphones

India’s major Telecom operators are now ready to roll out 5G services across the country. So people will have to upgrade their 4G phones to 5G to avail all 5G services. Yes, there are many 5G smartphones in the mid-range and premium segment; however, the actual volumes flow in the budget segment.

Now the question is, when will the OEMs like Xiaomi and Realme launch 5G phones under 10000 in India? Indian will now consider 5G as a feature when they purchase their new device to ensure that they don’t miss out on it when it officially launches countrywide.

Even though brands like Qualcomm are maintaining the price of their 5G enabled chip, competitors like MediaTek are trying to exploit it. As per business-standard, Qualcomm India’s chief says 5G phones will be launched for under 10000 INR next year.

MediaTek is doing all it can to provide a flagship-like processor at a fraction of the cost. They might even launch a 5G enabled processor in the future with a price tag lower than its competitors. Then we might finally see 5G near the 10000 marks. As of now, though, there is no news of anything like that happening any time soon.

Upcoming 5G Phone Under 10000 in India

Note: As of now, there are no 5G phones under Rs 10000 in India. However, you can check out these 5G phones that cost below Rs 15000:

Jio Phone 5G could be launched later this year. It could be priced under 10000 INR. Regarding Specs, the Android Central report reveals the phone will feature a 6.5-inch IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 1600×720 that refreshes at 60Hz. It might be powered by the Snapdragon 480 5G SoC coupled with up to 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

Jio is never short on anything these days. So they will not stay idle when it comes to 5G connectivity. Jio is set to roll out the world’s most advanced 5G network across India. It is in full swing now, but Jio is not the one to only provide the network; it will indeed provide a 5G device too.

Jio is reportedly working on a phone under 10000 segments as in this price range, the highest majority of the smartphone is purchased in India.

Initially, JioPhone and JioPhone 2 made 4G readily available for the masses. So, something similar is planned by Jio in terms of 5G connectivity too. They will likely launch a 5G smartphone called Jio Phone 5G.

Jio has a partnership with Qualcomm and Google, so the hardware and software for this upcoming phone should be well taken care of. But how will people react to this new Jio Phone 5G?

If it is launched with a price tag under 10000, it will be an instant hit among the masses.

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